Mission & Vision

Our mission is to prepare good and dedicated missionary teachers. Because a good teacher rich in cultured notions and knowledge can make a nation great and strong.

Welcome to Sarvodya College of Education

Education is an instrument of human development. It brings light to man and thus elevates the quality of human society. Since ancient times, education has been given an exalted position in society teacher in an education system plays a pivotal role. Therefore teacher?s education is most vital area for the improvement of education of a country Keeping in view the long felt need of this area, Sarvodya College of Education Khanpur Khurd, Jhajjar (HARYANA) came into existence to provide quality teachers. It was inaugurated 2007. Nullam non urna eros.

A teacher is the creator of the future of a nation. We prepare & train a teacher so they make this true.

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